• A dictionary entry for elopement – a noun. An act of following your heart, to be married without the distractions, honouring your love in a very simple, unique & joyous way. Lets start off with an elopement destination of our very own – London. Quirky venues, Top elopement photographers plus one of the most iconic cities of the world. Elope to London!

    Not so long ago, elopements meant a scandal. It often meant running away penniless to marry in secret often without parental approval. Gretna Green was the brand leader in elopements helped by Scotland simple rules on elopements.

    The Engagement Photographers are right in at the beginning, adept at recording the early stages of romance & joyful happiness & capturing the early blooms of romance. The micro wedding photographers are experienced in creating a buzz in spite of the small number of guests. In Jane Austen’s Pride & Predujice Wickham’s elope with Lydia almost ruined the Bennett family. The wedding saved the day. Nowadays, it is viewed as one of the most romantic of weddings expressing pure love.


    London Wedding Venues

    If you are going for an elopement wedding, then choose a photographer that is experienced in this most unique & ‘unusual’ wedding form. Capturing the essence of the ‘2 ones alone’ is tricky & needs great skill. One form of elopement weddings is adventurous elopement. If adventure elopement wedding takes your fancy make sure that you are fit & in training for this adventure! Iceland, Colorado, Montana, the Rockies & Snowdonia certainly tick the box for adventure. For the romantics the Isle of Skye & the Lake District are less strenuous but amongst the most popular elopement wedding destinations. Gay Paris is also a very popular elopement wedding – a reputation built up over many decades. Perhaps elopement weddings are becoming very popular due to the ‘stripping away of civilization’ , plus the absence of guests & relatives, leaving just the essence of True Love to be favoured by the loving couple.

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